Warehouse Services


Warehousing and Storage

As part of our ongoing goal to please our customers and provide the best service available, I-Care also offers short and long term storage and warehousing options.

I-Care can store any of your items in a secure, clean, and organized warehouse. All of the products we store are protected to prevent damage. Located in west Edmonton, we provide a variety of different storage solutions including single bays, double bays or temporary use of floor space.

The I-Care warehouse is bonded, temperature regulated, and equipped with video surveillance and 24-hour security providing a safe and secure storage option.

Access during normal business hours is readily available with after hour access available upon request. Inventory counts are maintained allowing you to track your inventory at any time. I-Care also offers distribution services for our Alberta clients. This means that items being shipped from anywhere in the world can be delivered to the I-Care warehouse for quick distribution to the location required.